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For games when played by two players. Particularly for games normally played by more than two.

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What is the maximum number of columns and rows of cards a 2-player physical TCG layout could reasonably have?

Some TCGs have layouts of pre-defined slots in which cards are placed during gameplay. Others do not (but may or may not have limits on the number of cards which may be in play simultaneously). This ...
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Identification: moving and stacking black and white pieces, packed in a tube

My parents had this game, all I can remember: It was stored in a brownish cardboard tube, about 10 cm in diameter and 50 cm long. It consists of a playing mat (might have been artificial leather) and ...
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Is No Thanks! playable with just two players?

No Thanks! is advertised as a game for 3–7 players. I've never played it, but going by the explanations I've seen on YouTube (such as Tom Scott playing it with some friends), there seems to be nothing ...
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Asymmetric "Jurassic Park"-esque 2 player game

I remember playing a game at a board game event, but can't find its name for the life of me. Two players only. One plays as a Velociraptor mother (and her younglings), and the other plays as a ...
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How to self print/self publish card game [duplicate]

Essentially, I'm working on a little card game. It's my big project for the next two months or so. I've already made quite a few digital designs, and this game would involve nothing but cards, and ...
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Is this improvised card game is a known game?

I'm looking for the name of the improvised card game for two players with the following rules: Each player gets 13 cards numbered from 1 to 13 (These could also be from Ace to King). Both players ...
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What is the name of this two player card game for betting?

There is a two-player game in Sri Lanka using the French card deck. One of the players shuffles the deck and the second player bets for a card value (without the suit). If the requested card value ...
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Any games like Werewolf for two persons? [closed]

I am totaly new on board cards games. I tried WereWolf for one night last weekend, and I wonder what other games in same logic ? If to take into account that I want a board game playable for 2 ...
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How fun is The Mind with two players? [closed]

I'm deciding to buy The Mind, but before that, I wish to know how fun is playing this game with only two players? Is it worth buying if you can only play with two players most of the time? I'm asking ...
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Is Risk: Legacy playable two-player?

I have Risk: Legacy, I have an 8 year-old son who loves Risk, and I have three other household members who don't like games. I'm tempted to try Risk: Legacy two-player, either head-to-head or with the ...
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Maze Game - Late 70's / Early 80's - Battleship-esk - What's it name?

I am looking for the name of a Late 70's / early 80's board game. The basic design was based on Battle Ship. Each of the two players had a clam shell case where they built their own maze at the ...
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How can you get around the lack of early stone in two-player Agricola?

In two-player Agricola, the first Take Stone action space appears in Rounds 5-7. Apart from one or two Minor Improvements, there is no way to get stone earlier than this. Having played quite a few ...
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Can you play Dixit cooperatively with only 2 players? [closed]

My son (age 5) enjoys Dixit, but often it's just the two of us. I've come up with my own variant, below, but I want to hear more from the community. We play with a hand of four cards, and we take ...
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How well do Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island play with two players?

I introduced a colleague to Pandemic. He liked it and asked if I could recommend a similar game that: Plays well with two people, and Will be a bit more approachable for his partner, who's new to ...
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Are there any playable Twilight Imperium 2 player variants?

I love TI 3rd edition, but can't always get together 3 players willing to commit the amount of time it takes to play a game. Are there any 2 player variants of this game?
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