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A Mayan-themed worker placement game.

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Advancing Tzolk'in past the end of the game

In Tzolk'in, the starting player space lets one advance the calendar 2 days, instead of the normal 1. The rules specify a few times when you cannot use this power, and what happens if the calendar is ...
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In Tzolk'in, can you be at negative points?

On the second turn of the game, I angered the Gods when I needed to beg for food. I wasn't up on any of the temple tracks, so moving backwards is supposed to give me negative points. At this point, I ...
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Tzolk'in wealth card meaning

What does this wealth card mean? My guess is: I get 10 corn, one less worker and... Maybe get 1 less corn per turn... The rules book doesn't say anything about it.
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What is the meaning of the starting player rules in Tzolk'in?

The rules of the board game Tzolk'in state (page 4, bottom left): "Give the Starting Player Marker to the player who most recently sacrificed something. In case of a tie, give the Starting Player ...
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