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Questions tagged [vs-2pcg]

The VS 2PCG is a deck construction game by Upper Deck where two players create 60-card decks centered around a main character. While there are similarities to the original VS System, there are noticeable differences, including a purchase model where all cards are included with each set, rather than a CCG.

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Does adding a +1/+1 counter count as "gaining attack?"

The Mystique Main Character has the following Level Up Power: Bitter Fury Level Up (10) - Whenever Mystique gains ATK, she gains that much XP. The rules have this to say about +1/+1 counters: Many ...
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For Sister Grimm's Super Power, where does the plot twist go if you can't play it?

The Sister Grimm supporting character's Super Power reads: {C} Any Combat {Y}: Search your deck for an {C} Combat plot twist with a different name from each plot twist in your KO pile and play it ...
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