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What is the expected duration of a game of War?

In the card game War you deal a standard 52 card deck between two players. The players than flip cards with the higher card winning. In the case of ties (wars), each player plays N additional cards an ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What variants are there for the playing-card-based game "War"?

The game War is played with two decks of standard 52-card playing cards. Each player shuffles their deck into a draw pile. Simultaneously, each player turns over the top card. The player with the ...
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6 votes
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In the card game "War", what happens when a player plays their final card in a War?

For the card game War, what happens when a player plays their last card as part of the war? When their last card is the first card of the war (face up), before the three face down cards are dealt ...
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