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A board game adaptation of the Scrabble-like mobile game of the same name by Zynga

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How much of an advantage does it give to draw all 2 blank tiles and/or 4 S tiles in Scrabble?

I'm playing against someone who I've had close games with, but now they're up 110 points in a game (they have 420, I have 310) where they drew all the S's and blank tiles. I wonder if this is a ...
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What is the highest score recorded for a single play in Words with Friends

You can only play 7 tiles in one turn in Words with Friends, so that makes a maximum of eight words you can make at once. By maximizing use of the bonus squares (Triple Word Score etc.) you can get ...
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How is the board game version of Words With Friends different from Scrabble?

I like to play a game called Words With Friends, which is a freenium version of Scrabble. I thought it was however functionally the same. However, I've just seen that Zynga, the creators of the game, ...
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