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What is the optimal way to roll for a two pair in Yahtzee?

Let’s say I’m playing Yahtzee and my aim is to get any two pair, the actual numbers don’t matter. As usual, I can save any dice I want and re-roll the rest. Let’s say that my hand contains the ...
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Multiple Yahtzee bonus checkmark rules: additional turn or fill blank box?

Yahtzee cards have rules for multiple 5 of a kind Yahtzees: ✔️ FOR EACH BONUS SCORE 100 PER ✔️ Imagine I've already rolled and marked 50 for my first Yahtzee. On my next turn I roll another Yahtzee. ...
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Yahtzee where to 6’s near end of game

It’s near the end of the game but I still don’t have 6’s, my bonus or a Yahtzee. I roll all 6’s for a Yahtzee. I’m reluctant to put that in the Yahtzee slot because I need at least four 6’s to get ...
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Strategy for Yahtzee

Yahtzee (aka "Nokia Dice") has the following rules: The aim of the game is to score a maximum number of points. There are 13 hands on which you can get points, as well as a bonus. 5 dice are used in ...
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What is your overall Yahtzee strategy? [closed]

I have played Yahtzee with people with differing strategies. Some, I'm not so sure I agree with. Roll for 6's every time One friend believes that if he tries to roll 6's on every throw, he'll end up ...
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What is the name of this Yahtzee variant with 10 dice?

I took a class once where we had to design a handheld game system for a variant of Yahtzee, which I seem to recall being called "Back Yahtzee", however I am unable to confirm this online. There ...
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