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What are the differences in the acquisition or play of a deck building game versus more traditional games?

In most games, such as chess, Monopoly, or Puerto Rico, I buy a game set with a specified board configuration, and specific cards and pieces in specific quantities (e.g.28 title deeds, 32 houses and 12 hotels in Monopoly) for a specified price. (And if I lose something, I can create a facsimile of it to represent the original).

In certain "deck building" games, such as Magic, the Gathering, on the other hand, the number and type of cards are variable. How would I know whether I have the right cards, or whether I have spent enough money on them?

It is seems like if you have ten different players, you might have ten different decks. And would it be an advantage to play with your cards, rather than your opponents', because you know your own "deck" better?