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Do you recognize these games?

I inherited these wooden games from my parents. Probably date from 1960-1975. No boxes, no instructions. Can you help me identify them and locate rules for them? First is a 7.5" square with 34 circular indentations along 2 sides, 21 on each side overlapping plus 1 extra indentation at the 4th row position. It has two holes to hold marbles in each edge of the board, closed by rotating a plastic 'propeller'. There are 9 yellow marbles and 7 red ones. I'm reasonably sure some marbles are missing. "Woodcraft Berea College Crafts Berea, KY is etched on the bottom of the board. Second is a 9.5" square with 4 indented concentric circles. The outer ring is divided into 12 sections, the next into 8 sections, the 3rd into 4 and the center - approx 1" diam. is not divided.White and black dots are in seemingly random sections.Inside the black leather pouch are 6 brown wooden marbles and two chrome cylinders. One cylinder has 3 raised concentric circles on one end, the other has 2 concentric circles, the innermost indented. "Skjode Skjern Danmark" is etched on the bottom. enter image description here