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An expansion is an addition to an existing Board or Card game. These add-ons usually add new content to a complete and already released game. Please use the game's own tag as well, and consider using the tag specific to the expansion itself (if it exists).

You could just not use all of the expansions at once. Instead, pick one or two expansions, maybe at random, every game. Now there is variability, and each game will be different, but you don't have a … tons of expansion and variability. You don't increase the size of the game, or use all expansions at once, but rather each game you play can be played with a different set of elements but still within approximately the same level of time and complexity. …
answered Apr 22 '14 by Brian Campbell
satellite islands. I find the other expansions I've tried less essential. Cities and Knights can be fun, but it focuses on city development and knights which protect you from barbarian attack, instead of … adding more to explore and balancing the basic game. I've never tried Traders and Barbarians; I believe that it is a collection of several small expansions, that you can mix and match, or mix and match …
answered Nov 7 '10 by Brian Campbell