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An ancient strategy game for 2 players who try to outwit each other by placing stones on the board to simulate the capturing of territory. To add a board diagram to a post, see instructions in the tag-wiki.

As I read the description in Sensei’s Library (your own link), hidden moves are not considered to be played on the board until they are revealed; you may like to think of the stone as still in a speci …
answered Oct 13 '17 by PJTraill
rules of go do vary a little, but it very rarely makes any difference to who wins, and certainly not in this case. Contents Summary (above) Contents Your final position (diagram) Finishing …
answered Nov 2 '18 by PJTraill
specification from Sensei’s Library SGF, which refers us to [SGF on Red Bean]; there the specific properties for Go link to There we see … standard does specify how to set up handicap stones and that qGo (or GNU Go) does it wrong. Moreover, adding the AB property by hand is correct, as it yields the file as it should have been saved …
answered Feb 24 '18 by PJTraill
quoting the entire expression ‘looking for a place to resign’ — without quotes there is an enormous amount of noise, but with quotes Duck Duck Go gave four matches: this question, Tom Au’s answer and the above articles in Sensei’s Library. …
answered Jun 27 '17 by PJTraill
The joseki This is, as mafu pointed out, the result of a joseki starting with high and low near kakaris against a hoshi, shown in 38 Basic Joseki, page 188, Dia. 4 (with colours swapped and rotated …
answered Apr 17 '18 by PJTraill
hopes to get from playing go, so stay alert to any feelings, wishes and opinions she expresses. As Forget I was ever here’s answer says, I think you should find out what she thinks about your ideas by … great to have a go-playing neighbour, but it all depends how she develops personally. Learning from mistakes In friendly games (which they probably all are), when she makes a mistake for about the …
answered Nov 22 '18 by PJTraill
Your rule is adequate to detect simple kos but not all forbidden repetitions. EDIT: It incorrectly forbids snapbacks, as observed in balpha’s answer, and thus fails your condition (2). It is unclear …
answered Dec 18 '17 by PJTraill