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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game for 2 or more players, set in a variety of fantastical realms. Players take on the role of a powerful wizard and duel in a battle of wits, using cards t…
For questions on which game the described game is. Include as many details as possible, so we aren't left guessing! Pictures are very helpful in most cases.
509 questions
A 4 player trick-taking card game where opposing partners try to either take the number of tricks they bid or prevent their opponents from doing so. When asking questions on bidding or play, please…
481 questions
Rule changes, additions and options proposed by players for players. This is not for officially sanctioned variations - use the [variants] tag instead.
300 questions
Bidding is an auction mechanic common to a variety of board and card games where two or more players or teams compete for a right or privilege. Bidding is common in trick-taking card game such as brid…
290 questions
Three or four players (up to 6 with the extension) play against each other to create the most prestigious settlement on the island of Catan, rolling dice to collect resources to build roads, towns, ci…
290 questions
Commander (aka Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH) is a Magic:The Gathering variant which emphasises social interactions, interesting games, and creative deck building. Its primary characteristic is that …
287 questions
A trading card game where players summon Monsters and activate Spells and Traps to deplete their opponent's Life Points. The game has a strong fantasy theme, and is usually played with 2 players, alth…
277 questions
Dominion (2-4 players, 30-minutes) is a card game where players start with small identical decks. They then transform their deck into victory-point producing machines as efficiently as possible by buy…
247 questions
An ancient strategy game for 2 players who try to outwit each other by placing stones on the board to simulate the capturing of territory. To add a board diagram to a post, see instructions in the tag…
226 questions
The process of designing a game to be played, such as the creation of the game mechanics and theme and the associated rules, board, map, cards, tokens and/or other playing implements. Also includes th…
207 questions
Arkham Horror is an atmospheric, cooperative adventure game set in the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Use this tag for questions for the second edition of the game.
164 questions
A classic game where players roll dice to move around a board. Players buy properties, charge rent, and upgrade their assets to try to bankrupt other players and own everything on the board.
160 questions
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Warhammer 40,000 is a detailed futuristic table-top battle simulation.
157 questions
Android: Netrunner is a cyberpunk-themed asymmetrical living card game edition based on the original CCG Netrunner. Players take the role of either a corporation or a runner and attempt to advance or …
152 questions
For questions about Magic: the Gathering specific to the Stack, a system for managing the order events resolve in. Please also tag [magic-the-gathering].
133 questions
A simple yet engaging train route building game (2-5 players, 45 minutes). Players compete for overlapping routes. Tradeoffs: blocking opponents vs. completing routes, low-scoring low-risk routes vs. …
124 questions
A semi-cooperative board game that involves players investigating a haunted house. As they explore and discover items, they also start to discover strange omens. After enough omens have been discovere…
123 questions
Deck building includes discussion of games where you build decks and strategies and methods to build decks. Generally a tag for another game should be included with this tag.
120 questions
Chess is one of the most popular two-player strategy games. It has survived centuries of strategical analysis and continues to thrive amongst players of all skills and ages.
120 questions
Axis and Allies is a franchise of World War II simulation board games that pit the Axis powers of Germany and Japan against the Allied powers of the United States, United Kingdom, and Russia.
114 questions
Pokémon Trading Card Game is a two-player trading card game based on the popular franchise. Players select Pokémon, who have various types and abilities, and try to defeat the opponent's Pokémon. Trai…
108 questions
A classic word-game where players try to use their tiles to create long and exotic words to earn the most points.
106 questions
A light hearted card game for 3 to 6 players about fighting monsters, collecting loot and being the first to ascend to level 10.
101 questions
Carcassonne is a game where create a map of medieval countryside one tile at a time, scoring points by completing cities, roads, and other features. It is published by Hans im Glück and Rio Grande Gam…
98 questions
Pandemic is a cooperative game in which players work together to combat the spread of four deadly diseases before they overwhelm the planet. Each player brings a distinct skill to bear on the problem;…
98 questions
refers to questions specifically about playing cards themselves, covering topics such as shuffling, construction, lamination, deck sizes etc. It *is not* a meta tag for adding to any card gam…
96 questions
A cooperative game where players play the role of investigator trying to stop the Elder Gods from ravaging the Earth.
95 questions
The process of keeping track of the number of points earned by each player in a game, as a means of "ranking" players. See also the [counting] tag, for keeping track of the score, particularly in Go.
92 questions
7 Wonders (2-7 players (8 players with some extension packs), 30 minutes) is a card-based civilization development game. It's played from three decks representing three ages. Players draft then reveal…
88 questions
Do Not Use Generally off-topic. Suggestions for games that meet specific requirements. (tag exists primarily for historical reasons)
86 questions
A man and wife, a wooden shack, and an empty field. Get to work! Agricola is a deeply strategic farming simulation game.
83 questions
Uno (2-10 players, 30 minutes) is a game played with specialty cards where players take turns playing cards to a central pile, matching color or rank with the top card there in a race to empty their h…
83 questions
A popular poker game in which each player has 2 cards of their own that they must combine with 5 communal cards to make the best hand possible. While most poker questions are on-topic here, there's a …
78 questions
A popular tournament format for Bridge where each table plays with identical pre-set hands of cards.
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