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Can I use rewards from a just-bought building to pay the participation cost of a Great Project?

The language used to describe how to participate in Great Projects indicates when you need to pay the cost. Unlike monetary losses, which are "always resolved at the end of a turn, after players have ...
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Timing conflict with debt card effect

From the Cities rule book (4): Important: monetary losses are always resolved at the end of a turn, after players have played their cards, possibly having paid for trade and/or obtained money... ...
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7 Wonders Look Through Discard Order

From the FAQ at the end of the Wonder Pack rules: If multiple players take cards from the discard pile during a given turn, the resolution order is the following: Halikarnassós, The Great Wall, ...
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Babel tower tile #15 (ignore resource cost for Wonder) overpowered?

You have played correctly; tile #15 indeed lets you construct wonder stages without paying the resource cost. It's very true that some Wonders will benefit much more: Gizah B, with its massive 4 ...
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Timing conflict with debt card effect

I will add a precision : you can always choose to take debt instead of paying. From the Cities rule book, an example: Tina has the required coins but decides to keep them for later in the game: ...
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