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An expansion for 7 Wonders, which adds the Tower of Babel and Great Projects modules.

7 Wonders: Babel is an expansion for , which is actually 2 expansion modules. Its English edition was first published in 2014 by Asmodee and Repos Production.

The Tower of Babel module encourages players to help construct a Tower of Babel by placing tiles which provide benefits or penalties for all players. A tower tile is purchased by discarding an Age card. Benefits and penalties continue until the end of the game or until the tile is covered up by another tile.

The Great Projects module entices players to participate in the building of a great project for their cities. Each Great Project has a color and a participation cost, which can be paid after a building of the same color has been played. Participating earns the player a token. If there are any tokens remaining on the project at the end of an Age, those without a token suffer a penalty. But, if all tokens are taken, those with tokens get a reward.