A game of early civilization development, from the development of agriculture to the bronze age. Each player competes to advance his civilization, gaining territory, skills, sciences, and culture.

This Avalon Hill game expands Civilization to support up to 8 players on a map spanning from Babylon to the Iberian peninsula. As players spread out on the board they can build cities, which produce trade goods. Trade goods allow players to gain civilization advances like pottery, medicine, mining, literature, philosophy, democracy, and monotheism. A trading phase each turn allows players to consolidate trade goods for higher values. But watch out; buried among the trade goods are calamities that can affect the player who receives them. And, inevitably, there is not enough land to meet everybody's needs, so conflict is sure to arise.

The box says this is a 6-hour game, but especially for larger numbers of players, you should budget 8-10.