Sensei’s Library explains under Looking for a place to resign that the expression ‘looking for a place to resign’ means choosing a move which obviously does not work and resigning when your opponent responds correctly. Sensei’s Library also has an article on How to resign which sketches when to resign and enumerates ways of formally indicating that you do ...


A "place to resign" in Go is one in which you are clearly behind, and in which most of the major action has been resolved, so that there is no possibility of a "swing" large enough to bring you from loser to winner. Most players will play on if there is a reasonable chance for a "swing" in a particular position, such as a life and death fight for a group, ...


This is more a matter of etiquette than anything else. One, it creates a "nice" sound on the board. Two, it minimizes the possibility of displacing stones already on the board.

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