I think this is pretty clear, if you trim out some of the extra stuff in those quotes: you may not move within 3" of any enemy models and has models within 3" of an enemy unit It seems clear to me that you cannot avoid the charge phase - you can't move within 3", and you can't fight without being within 3". At the very least, the intent of the rules ...


Age of Sigmar is very much designed with the "beer and pretzels" mindset. The main reason is that you may have a bunch of models without shields. If your opponent doesn't care, you can always say that all the models have shields.


As of '8-25-17', coinciding with Games Workshop's "General's Handbook 2017," Warhammer Community has released updated FAQs for the Grand Alliances, as well as updated the legacy Compendiums for the old armies (Bretonnia, Beastmen, Tomb Kings, etc). In these Compendiums, at the very end, there are list of units with Substitute Warscrolls, as was stated by ...


Competitive/Matched Play answer. No. They shouldn't get the save, since each individual unit is a single model. Narrativist/Open Play Answer. Yes. If it makes your game more fun, and everyone agrees, change things however you all like. It's your game do what you want even if it's not technically correct.


As with most rules in AoS the simplest solution is usually the correct one and rules stack. Therefore if you have a unit of BloodReavers: within 12" inches of a Bloodsecrator you get 3 attacks between 12" and 18" of a Bloodsecrator you get 2 attacks over 18" from a Bloodsecrator you get 1 attacks The Chieftain gets an additional attack on top. I actually ...


The second warblade only grants you the reroll, it doesn't add additional attacks. Similarly a Prime w/ 2 warblades would get 3 attacks with rerolls, not 6 or 5 or 4.

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