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A man and wife, a wooden shack, and an empty field. Get to work! Agricola is a deeply strategic farming simulation game.

Agricola (1-5 players, 2 hour playtime) is a deeply strategic farming simulation game. Starting from almost nothing, you aim to build a prosperous farm based on the efforts of your hard-working farmer and his wife. You'll need to plow and sow fields, build pastures and stables, acquire different sorts of animals, and gather natural resources. You can expand your home, upgrade its construction, and even raise children to help out on the farm. But all these people need to be fed, so you'll need to learn how to bake bread, stew carrots, roast animals, or go fishing.

The game revolves around the worker placement mechanic. While players do not interact directly with one another's farms, they do select actions and acquire resources from a limited communal game board, so competition for actions is fierce, and the source of much of the strategy of the game.

The full version of the game makes use of two large decks of cards - Occupations and Minor Improvements. These ensure that no two games of Agricola are alike.

There are a number of expansions available for Agricola. Some, like , add significant new mechanics that greatly increase the depth and complexity of the game. Others provide additional new cards that adjust gameplay, or provide more aesthetically pleasing gaming pieces and farming plots.

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