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Are tasks and missions considered items?

Tasks and missions are considered "items" as per the Dunwich rulebook (Page 5): Tasks are a type of item found in the Common Item deck, while Missions are items found in the Unique Item deck. If ...
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Can a player take both a madness and injury card if his investigator gets reduced to zero stamina and sanity?

The investigator is devoured. The Dunwich Horror rulebook reiterates the basic rule If an investigator is reduced to both 0 Sanity and 0 Stamina at the same time, that investigator is devoured.
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Does a stalker monsters always stay if there is an investigator in its current area or location?

The basic monster movement rules state that monsters don't move when they are in the same space as an investigator. There isn't any reason to think that the stalker addition in Dunwich changes this ...
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What is the maximum number of dice you can roll in Arkham Horror 2nd Edition?

There is no maximum number of dice you can roll - it is infinite as the rules never explicitly call out a maximum dice total. Considering the mechanics of the game though the extreme theoretical ...
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Can I use the Injury and Madness cards from Miskatonic Horror without Dunwich Horror?

It's possible to houserule anything, and these cards aren't an exception. Just have in mind that if you want to add these in using just the Dunwich Horror rules, it will decrease the game's difficulty ...
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