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What do leaves mean in Blood on the Clocktower?

The different leaf icons (and number of leaves) are reminders for the storyteller. Green leaves indicate tokens the storyteller needs to add to the game during setup for the character, while an orange ...
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Does the Professor know who's dead?

The Professor does not have any secret knowledge. Looking at The Professors rules in the linked PDF there's no indication that the Storyteller would ever tell The Professor when they wake up in the ...
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Can the Pukka 1-shot the Fool?

Yes, it appears the fool can be killed without their ability working if targeted by the pukka If Pukka is in play, nobody is safe. The Fool and the Sailor can not be protected by their character ...
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Does drunkenness / poisoning / death interrupt ongoing abilities?

Normally, an ongoing ability is suspended / malfunctions while drunk or poisoned. It resumes when sober / healthy again. It goes away (they lose ability) when they die, unless stated otherwise, or ...
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Blood On The Clocktower - Mayor / Travelers

Good can't win in that scenario, because Evil has already won. With only two non-Traveler players alive, Evil wins because Travelers (who cannot be the Demon) don't count against Evil's win condition,...
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