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Which games have ever been rated #1 on Boardgamegeek.com's Geek Rating?

Strangely, Wikipedia had this information: Paths of Glory (August 19, 2001 - February 20,2002) Tigris and Euphrates (February 20, 2002 - 2002) Puerto Rico (2002 - August 2008) Agricola (...
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Which games have ever been rated #1 on Boardgamegeek.com's Geek Rating?

If you scrape all the versions of the current browse page on archive.org (that's sorted by geek rating, right?), you get this: 2009-02-05 Agricola (2007) 2010-04-07 Puerto Rico (2002) 2010-11-05 ...
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How to contact a moderator on boardgamegeek.com?

At the footer of every page, there's a link to their contactform, which doesn't require you to be logged in to use. According to that form, you can also send an e-mail to [email protected].
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Is there a game that doesn't rely on luck or skill?

How do you figure out who wins if there's no randomness (no luck) and no player decisions that can affect the game (no skill)? If there's no skill, then that means players can't make meaningful ...
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Game ideas that you cannot get better at (non electronic)

The problem is that the only cases that really work are: Solved games (e.g. Tic-Tac-Toe, where any player beyond a certain skill point is able to force a draw) Games requiring no skill at all (e.g. ...
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