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Button Men (1999) is an abstract game designed by James Earnest. Players choose characters, whose speed, strength, and dice type are represented by polyhedral dice. Players roll dice and take turns trying to capture all their opponent's dice.

Players: 2

Object: To score more points than your opponent by capturing your opponents dice, and preventing your own dice from being captured.


  • Each captured opponents dice scores its number of sides in points. (i.e. A standard die, or d6 is worth 6 points).

  • Each of your own dice you kept scores half its number of sides in points. (i.e. A d20 is worth 10 points).

  • Highest Score wins the round.

  • If any round is a draw, immediately replay it.

  • First player to win 3 rounds winds the game.

Official Site: Buy real buttons to wear to conventions, Rules, the iPhone game.

Official Rules: The Basic Rules.

Online Play: Features asynchronous multi-player, and keeps in-depth stats on matches.

Official Fan Page : Many good strategy articles.