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Catan Universe (iPad app) how to regain longest road by filling in a missing piece between 2 roads?

You have all 15 road pieces in play; the number is strictly limited and once you've built all 15 you can't build any more. Quoting from page 4 of the rules: You cannot build more pieces than what is ...
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Unlimited trades

Yes, you may trade as many times as you want. In the exhaustive rules on trading from the Almanac section of the current game rules, you can find the following rule: You may trade as long as you have ...
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Barbarian Attack : Catan Cities & Knights

No, only the player(s) who contributed the least will lose a city. Players 3 and 4 are tied for the least, so they each lose one. If the barbarians are stronger, they are victorious! If the ...
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