I've read a couple of articles discussing the impact of AI on professional Go, the second one being a reply to the first one: Impact of Go AI on the professional Go world Impact of Go AI on the professional Go world, Response Some quotes from the first article: The second important change I see is the professional players’ race to learn from AI. (...) it’...


Yes, Gábor E. Gévay et al. have made such an engine. The program and instructions for downloading the databases necessary for perfect play can be found here.


There's a fundamental problem that the rules of bridge are not well-defined for computers. Specifically, the rules require that partnerships communicate their agreements - including implicit agreements arising from experience playing with their partner - to their opponents. No one has really figured out what it means for a computer to communicate its ...


The solver you mention do solves this deal with 4 free cells. For MS Freecell Deal #9371310 : TD 2S 8H 4S JC QC 6S : 2H 4C 7S 8S 9D KD 3D : 5S 3C 9S 9H 7D AC KC : 5D 7H 9C 5C AD 6D JD : TC 4D 3H AS QD KS : 3S 8C QS AH KH TS : 2C QH 8D 4H JH JS : 5H 2D 6C 6H TH 7C Used the default settings, it solved it in few seconds:

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