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Are the names of guilds in Ravnica protected intellectual property?

It does seem that wizards has trademarked all of the guild names (list here), so I would avoid using them without express permission or a licensing agreement, as wizards could pursue legal action. ...
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I dont stay in the US. Can I create and distribute my own version of Monopoly that is personalized for my city?

The vast majority of countries in the world are either signatories to the Berne Convention or the TRIPS Agreement, both of which ensure that copyright is protected in those jurisdictions. As such, ...
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Can I use Heroscape-style tiles in my own game designs?

If interlocking hexes are what you are inquiring about, Heroscape patented that idea when it introduced them. As US Patent law has a default term of 20 years, even if not extended via patent term ...
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Can I use Heroscape-style tiles in my own game designs?

Many games have a playfield made up of hexagons. Some games also contain interlocking tiles/sheets that are made up of hexagons (e.g. Clans of Caledonia, Wombat Rescue). I'm not aware of any that use ...
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