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Coup: Can you assassinate yourself?

As you can see from this image of the entire set of Influence cards, the Assassin's text is transparently brief. With my emphasis, that text is Pay three coins to assassinate another player Thus, ...
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Coup: Do you lose your coins when trying to assassinate a Contessa?

Yes, you do lose the coins. While the rules are not available online, this action flowchart has been verified by the game's creator as being correct. I'll go and try and find out what I've done ...
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Can a captain take money from someone who died blocking or challenging it?

I checked russian rules and under "challenges" section it mentions that if an action is successful, it resolves. Also, there is an example of play with exactly this situation (player, who being stolen ...
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How To Play Coup: The Resistance with more than one set of cards?

For every 1-2 players added to the game, you would add a full set of cards to the Court Deck. This ensures that their is sufficient cards that nobody knows the full contents. One thing that helped ...
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