We own several versions and editions of the crayon rail games in my house. In each one that we have, there is a "Variants" section of the rules. One of the variants we always play with is the fast game. It has 5 main effects that I can think of offhand: Increases starting cash by $20 Adds one additional pre-movement turn Gives you 5 initial demand cards,...


The answer to this depends a lot on why the game is taking you so long to play. We had been suffering from the same problem, and the main reason is because we have one player who is just an incredibly slow thinker. He often took over 15 minutes just to make one move. Over time, we made a lot of small changes to the game to reduce the amount of information ...


While I don't see a complete rulebook for EuroRails, the BoardgameGeek page does contain a number of reference sheets. I'd start with the BGG page for each game you're interested in and go from there.


There doesn't seem to be any information about why the FAQ is being hosted at the fan site, and not at Mayfair Games itself, but there are several circumstantial pieces of evidence. Mayfair Games don't have a FAQ for Empire Builder. Mayfair Games links to the fan site (implying endorsement) from their official Empire Builder page. That site is also the ...


The linked picture is the first edition The 1982 copyright suggests it may be a later printing of that edition (2nd edition was 1984)


I found Crayola brand washable crayons to work the best. For the lack of boldness I subbed brown for yellow, purple for orange. I bought both Empire Builder and Empire Express straight from Mayfair but got different crayons with each. Express came with no-name crayons that leave a slight stain on the board.

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