You may have better luck if you start with a coat of primer that is intended for foam, such as this: http://www.krylon.com/products/craft-foam-primer/ Also, a clear top coat might help.


If you are ok with sacrificing money for durability, you may want to look into 3D printing services. There are several online printing services available that you may be able to find to print the dice for you with different materials. For instance you could get the dice printed in steel, flexible plastic, or metallic plastic. Shapeways is just the first ...


If the images or icons you want on the sides of your dice are not complicated, you could etch them into the foam and then paint the resulting valleys. That should make the paint much more durable, as it will be a bit protected from abrasions. Depending on the type of foam, something as simple as a pencil or butter knife might etch well enough, or you might ...

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