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How to beat Ill-Gotten Gains?

Not sure which Dominion expansions are you running, but there are several cards that can counter this. If you have prosperity, you can add the Watchtower to the kingdom cards which blocks curses ...
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How to beat Ill-Gotten Gains?

The major thing to understand about heavy ill-gotten gains strategies is that they rapidly deplete two piles: both ill-gotten gains itself and the curse pile. This means that ill-gotten gains games ...
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Dominion: If a second supply pile is emptied while I am discarding for the Poacher, will I need to discard another card?

You do the effects in order: +1 card +1 action +1 coin Discard a card per empty supply pile. When you get to #4, you find that there's one empty supply pile, so you discard one card. The "...
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How to beat Ill-Gotten Gains?

if you add garden and start buying copper yourself, you can probably effectively counter this strategy.
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