Yes, you play them one at a time, and therefore you get the alternating boon and curse effect. Note that this mandatory, not merely an option: You always play (and resolve) your treasures one at a time. Usually order doesn't matter, so players tend to gloss over that protocol in practice. But the order is always there.


The golden rule in Dominion is follow the card instructions as much as possible. You can play Pixie a second time, even if it has been moved, e.g., moved to the trash. However, you may not be able to execute some conditional effects, e.g., trash the card. So here is how a Throne Room/Pixie or Ghost/Pixie plays: Play Throne Room; choose an action card. Play ...


It is indeed a blind play, you cannot look at the top of your deck before choosing what to play with Necromancer (or however else you came to play the Zombie Mason). However, unless a pile has been depleted or you have 'unique' cards in your deck (Knights, Castles, cards from Black Market, etc.) you can always choose to replace the trashed card with an ...


Not only can you, but you MUST play them one at a time and receive the effects each time. While some players will short cut and play everything at once, technically cards are always played one at a time, resolved, then the next card is played. For most treasures there's not much difference, like the basic ones which only provide coin, or ones that also ...


Yes, at the start of the buy phase you may play as many treasures as you feel like, provided you have them in your hand. Note that this is after you have finished your action phase so if you end up drawing action cards those are wasted.

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