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Can an Influence Disc be moved to an adjacent hex if there is no other influenced hex adjacent to that target hex?

When you move the influence disk, pick up the disk from the hex and place according to the rules i.e. to a hex that does not contain an Influence Disc or an enemy Ship and is adjacent to a hex where ...
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2 votes

Are ships unable to heal between battles when multiple parties are present in the same hex?

You are correct. Ships are not repairing in between battles between players on a single hex. Repairing ships is done at the end of the entire combat phase along with drawing reputation tiles and ...
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2 votes

Problems with learning curve and player elimination in Eclipse

This game (eclipse) with all of its additions is my favorite game. Its randomness is one of it key strengths with no game being the same. Played two games last weekend, both 3 player ones with new or ...
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1 vote

Eclipse: some House rules to cut down on chance in die rolling?

Average Dice: The easiest solution would to use an average die, i.e. a d6 with the faces: 0/1/1/2/2/3 0 is a automatic miss 3 is a automatic hit A modified 3 is a normal hit, e.g. a rolled 1 with +...
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