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Forbidden Island Engineer's power?

From the manual: Any character can shore up a tile that is either adjacent or underneath them. The engineer is listed as an exception because he can shore up 2 tiles per action. It doesn't indicate ...
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Forbidden Island Engineer's power?

Yes. The question is understandable. The Engineer's ability reads "shore up two tiles for one action", and the shore action is defined as follows: "To shore a tile, simply flip it so its un-flooded ...
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Flood Card Question

The Water Level changes when you draw a Waters Rise! Card from the treasure deck. Drawing from the flood deck never changes the Water Level. As the rules say: If you draw a Waters Rise! card, you ...
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Forbidden island taking items

The rulebook only ever mentions being able to give a Treasure card as your action, so no you cannot use an action to take them from another player, you must wait until their turn to receive the card. ...
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"Helicopter lift" card

This thread on BoardGameGeek asks the same question. According to this post, the game developer provided this ruling: The user of the card does not need to be on the same tile as the pawns being ...
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How many times will we go through the deck before the island is sunk?

In Forbidden Island the treasure deck has the following breakdown: 5 each of the 4 treasures 3 Waters Rise! 3 Helicopter Lifts 2 Sandbags Depending on the difficulty the Water Meter will begin ...
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