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FreeCell: How many cards can be moved at once?

Technically, one In FreeCell, you are only allowed to move 1 card at a time, either to or from a free cell or from one stack to another. That said, it is trivial to move an entire stack of N+1 cards,...
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Is there a solution to this freecell game?

Yes. Put the puzzle into this solver and it gives a solution. The encoding of the puzzle is: 9S AD 8H 2S 4C 10S QS 6D AC 9D 10C 4H 4S 9H 9C 8S JD 7D 3S JS QC 5S KS 8C 3H 5C 5D 2H QH JH 4D QD 2C 7S ...
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Free Cell dichotomy

Yes, it is possible. You can enter the game number into this online solver, and it will show you the full solution. Here are the first several moves: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Foundations: H-0 C-0 D-...
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Is there a solution to this freecell game, shown below?

I downloaded an open source solver and attempted to solve this, but it was unable to using any of its different algorithms. c:\Program Files\Freecell Solver 6.2.0\bin>fc-solve -t -m c:\files\fc.txt ...
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Is there a reliable free cell solver?

The solver you mention do solves this deal with 4 free cells. For MS Freecell Deal #9371310 : TD 2S 8H 4S JC QC 6S : 2H 4C 7S 8S 9D KD 3D : 5S 3C 9S 9H 7D AC KC : 5D 7H 9C 5C AD 6D JD : TC 4D 3H AS ...
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Solitaire game with all cards up in 5 rows of 10 cards each?

The game sounds like Seahaven Towers. Here is a JavaScript version of the game. The one clarification is that you may have four extra cards on the side. A short explanation of the rules, from the link ...'s user avatar
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How to solve Free Cell games fast? (in under 2 min)

My best time in Expert in FreeCell in Microsoft's Solitaire Collection is 1:04. I think I obtained that time in one of the "Daily Challenges", so it may not have been a "real game". That said, I ...
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