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Black Market and game setup

It is the first option; all setup things are done at the start of a game. A card being in the Black Market deck acts just like a card in the Supply for this purpose. Strangely enough, this rule is ...
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How to secretly choose factions that become public later?

Have everyone send their preferences to everyone else as an encrypted string using a randomly generated single-use encryption key. Here is an example of a website that will do it for you: https://...
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Do non-random alternative methods of choosing a starting player actually WORK, and if so which?

To answer the question actually asked: Most of the games that I know well where the start player is chosen non-randomly by some cutesy method are designed so that it doesn't actually matter who ...
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Dice Masters Casual Setup

The different options for setting up games are located on pages 22 and 23 of the starter set rules. I have no idea if WizKids replicated these in the rulebook for the Civil War starter, but the link ...
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Best method for evenly distributing epidemic cards in Pandemic setup?

Old question, but as I'm setting up, I lay out the epidemic cards I am using (4, 5, whatever) and once I've dealt the user cards, I continue to deal out the rest of the cards on top of the epidemic ...
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What is the quickest way to setup Dune: Imperium from DireWolf playing single, double or more players?

As with all my current "big' games, I would have set up the entire game once, including every player's starting components, then bagged them as individual sets before packing away the game. The ...
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How to secretly choose factions that become public later?

Create and send to a shared email address This idea works under the assumption that your group is relatively fixed or that there is a subset of players that are always present. Next time you all get ...
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How to minimize Puerto Rico setup time?

I also have separate bags for the different number of players. I include a card in each bag to indicate what exactly goes into that particular bag. On the back of the card I indicate what is used in ...
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