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In Hearts, impossible to play first hand?

Both the rules about not leading a point card until hearts have been broken, and not being allowed to lead a point card, are not applicable if you have no other choice. There's no one official ...
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"Taking the rest" in the card game Hearts

This feature by Karman Games is called "auto-complete". It is also utilized in other games they make, such as Euchre. Basically, if there is only one mathematical outcome, then there is no point in ...
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What is the current state of the art in hearts AI?

Update based on your comment: I gather that you are more interested in research than making a game. In that case I'll point you to a couple of papers that might be helpful. This paper talks about what ...
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Can two players tie for first place in Hearts?

I cannot recall encountering this situation. I reckon that ties are not common, and that there is not a clear rule. How it is handled would depend on the scoring system in use. For example, the ...
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Can two players tie for first place in Hearts?

Ties can be relatively common in Hearts, depending on the difference in skill levels between participating players. If you're playing for fun it might not seem right. If you're playing for wagers, it ...
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When is it best to break Hearts?

There's a couple of things that are important when deciding what to play when you can't follow a suit: Is it at all likely you can take all the points with this hand? Then don't throw any points at ...
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Passing cards to prevent an opponent to shoot the moon

No it is not and in fact it might ensure that they do shoot the moon. IF they happen to have the AKQ♥ you have lost the ability to stop it by taking a trick with the J♥. If you pass one of your hearts ...
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Passing cards to prevent an opponent to shoot the moon

Maybe. One of the biggest liabilities when shooting the moon is low hearts (2, 3 and 4 in particular) because you have to save them until everyone else is out of hearts. This is different from low ...
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Which Ranking system is best for my group that play Hearts?

From what I understand, I think that you are looking for some players-rating system. The most known system is ELO. In a nutshell, the ELO compute the probability for player A to win player B (and ...
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What are effective strategies for passing cards in Hearts?

Another reason hold onto the queen if you have sufficient backers is that you can lead or play higher problem diamonds and/or clubs without the fear of catching her. The most you'll do early on is ...
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What are effective strategies for passing cards in Hearts?

If you are passing right, always feel free to pass the queen of spades and keep the king and queen as you will never take the queen as long as the person on your right does not lead it, (unlikely)
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