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The printed text of Circu, Dimir Lobotomist says "target library". The same rules update that changed the rule you quoted also errata'd that card to say "target player's library".


This is a really interesting question and just spent last hour googling around for various thoughts. The first thing is why pips and not numbers. This is because the invention of dice predates the invention of numbers. source According to the wikipedia article on pips its notes that the pip designs are 'easily countable' Why the particular patterns for ...


After posting the question, I continued my Google search, and came across this forum post that seems to have the answer. In addition to change change in 114.2 (now 115.2), 114.1 was also updated from: 114.1. Some spells and abilities require their controller to choose one or more targets for them. The targets are object(s), player(s), and/or zone(s) the ...


The answer is #3. i.e. There was a deck long ago, that exploited affinity. That deck has slowly changed over the years as the card pool has changed. As those changes have occurred, the original reliance on affinity as a mechanic has reduced, but the name has stuck. References:

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