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What are these Roman Numerals?

According to BoardGameGeek and many other sources, the pieces do belong to Risk. BoardGameGeek : offer from Game Crafter LLC The numerals represent armies : I is 1 army, III is 3 armies, V is 5 armies,...
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What are these Roman Numerals?

Over the years, the "army" pieces in Risk have come in four main styles: Wooden cubes for a single army, and "oblong pieces" for ten armies, as descried in these 1959 instructions....
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Can anyone help me identify this piece?

It's a score-in-excess-of-100 token from Terra Mystica. See upper left token on this unpunched sheet: Or as stored on the right in this custom storage solution:
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What is this token?

It appears to be from the game Sheriff of Nottingham
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Does anyone know where this weird blue and green laughing chess set is from?

It's a "playmate" chess set by Umbra. UPC: 028295167055
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What game is this die from

It looks to be from Marvel Battleworld - here's an image of a very similar dice on its BoardGameGeek listing (and certainly one in the same style).
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Can anyone identify this die with an 'a', a cheese wedge, a movie camera, a G-clef, a coffee cup and a moustache?

This dice is from Hipster Dice. BGG:Hipster Dice
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What model is this, that represents Enslavers?

That pic/those models first appeared on BoS back in 2007 under the "Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 3" report. Other pictures in that report also show those figures. With the description: ...
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Are the cards in these videos cards from a real TCG, or just props?

Fictional / just props. The boosters have no barcodes anywhere, so they're definitely fake. The cards themselves also look fake: overly simplistic art and scant text. The clincher is that Google ...
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Identify a pre-8th edition black creature card

My best guess is Keeper of the Dead, a black uncommon from before 8th edition with an activated ability, and its art is decently similar to Bog Initiate. Saying this has "an ability set similar ...
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6 / 8 / 10 / 12 Sided Dice Identification

This looks to be one or more sets of Dicemaster: Cities of Doom. You can see many of the same symbols as in your dice. In the game, each player needs their own set of dice. It looks like you have 3 ...
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Can anyone tell me where this card is from?

It is from Mint Delivery. It relates to the Player Abilities optional rules.
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Identify these dice with letters

I think these dice are not from a board game but from an early-education (preschool, kindergarten, first grade) instructional toy. The Panda Brothers Spelling Games and Eeci Matching Letter Toy each ...
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I’m trying to identify from what game a cardboard token I saw is from

That appears to be the game Jekyll vs Hyde and you can find more information on it on boardgame geek.
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Two components I’m trying to identify

They are from Innovation and A Feast for Odin. You can see the 10 card from Innovation here. You can see the crown in an image of this review of A Feast For Odin here. As you also seem to have cards ...
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