According to BoardGameGeek and many other sources, the pieces do belong to Risk. BoardGameGeek : offer from Game Crafter LLC The numerals represent armies : I is 1 army, III is 3 armies, V is 5 armies, X is 10 armies. Rules for Risk 1980, from Hasbro


Over the years, the "army" pieces in Risk have come in four main styles: Wooden cubes for a single army, and "oblong pieces" for ten armies, as descried in these 1959 instructions. Triangular / three-pointed plastic pieces for a single army, and five-pointed stars for ten armies, as featured in instructions from 1969, 1975 and 1990 The ...


It appears to be from the game Sheriff of Nottingham


It looks to be from Marvel Battleworld - here's an image of a very similar dice on its BoardGameGeek listing (and certainly one in the same style).


It's a "playmate" chess set by Umbra. UPC: 028295167055


That pic/those models first appeared on BoS back in 2007 under the "Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 3" report. Other pictures in that report also show those figures. With the description: Balkus Alpha Legion, Enslavers The Alpha Legion under the command of Master Arkos, scored a hard fought victory for the Imperium upon the lost empire of Balkus. ...

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