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This game was advertised as The Windrose Game (Danish Viking Chess). I still have the board and pieces purchased at Modern Designs in Ithaca NY. As I recall the small pieces were called Thralls and each piece entered from the edge, one per player's turn. The player could opt not to enter a new piece and play one already on the board. I too have lost the ...


It took me a while to recognize the dice, but I think they are from a Jenga-like game that I played when I was younger (20-25 years ago). It was called Timber, but I have a hard time finding pictures of it, the best I could do was this: I can only find local (I'm from the Netherlands) references to the game, for example the Dutch wikipedia for Jenga ...


After googling various terms together, I found it: Century Spice Road


It's a "playmate" chess set by Umbra. UPC: 028295167055


My parents played this game back in the day and they called it donut cause of the circle around the skunk when players go up 5 points


This is a wooden version of Shuttles (named for the rows that can be moved sideways) aka Impasse, Labymaster, Labyrinth, or Traject. The PC game was an implementation of this older board game from 1973. The PC game was also called Shuttles.

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