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This strikes me as a modified two player version of Peg Solitaire, rather than checkers. Notably: Players alternate turns except that a player is granted additional consecutive moves (i.e., captures) during a single turn, under certain circumstances. Players must readjust two separate pegs prior to their first move of a turn, then they must move using a ...


After a lot of searches, I finally figured out they are called "Top Trump Cards". (site appears to be down, from my side, though) But it does appear that I have either recalled the rules incorrectly, or we made our own rules when we were kids (latter is the most probable). I also found out where I could buy them in South Africa (...


It looks like a flower loom for knitting/crocheting, not a game at all. See for example from


I have never seen someone else do this but a friend of mine and I use to play a similar game to decide who is the first player in our games of Dominion especially when there are more than two players: We choose one player who is the 0. player, all other players are then numbered according to the player order (the highest number is then [number of players]-1)...

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