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From my Reddit post, I just had to spend those 300 coins on getting two Shadows Over Innistrad boosters, and the cards from the Starter Box were added to the collection automatically.


I posted the question to Playdek support. They said it is a bug in the UI. The message is intended for when an agent is assigned to The Place after someone else has already taken the Ambassador, but before they've had a chance to use it. In that case, the player assigning the new agent does not get to take the Ambassador (see page 22). It is incorrectly ...


There are several rating systems, for most players their KGS rating and EGF rating will be different, and it can be different from national rating systems (e.g. it is often assumed that French and British ratings for the same player are 2 stones different). So, in a sense, your question cannot be answered unless you specify the rating system you want to be ...


It is possible to play with specific friends in real-time, though it may not be possible to play asynchronously. (Last time I tried, the game aborted if either my opponent or I left the TTR app, so it was real-time play only. That was a while ago though.) Here's how to set it up. On the main TTR screen (with Gerry the Conductor holding the ticket labeled ...


According to the game maker's website, yes: Online Play (WiFi or 3G) against other iPad, Android, Mac and PC gamers with Days of Wonder Online support I would take that to mean that both device need to be online to contact their server to set things up, but cross-platform isn't an issue.


Usually when one has no hint about is level in go it's because he is just a beginner that is between 25 kyu and 15 kyu. The level of Fuego on iOS is probably something between 3 kyu and 1 dan. So if you win at 9 handicap on 19x19 it's already very good on. If you success, try to decrease the handicap one stone each time. For book reading really good ...

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