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How to play Ticket to Ride with children?

I played with my 5y old daughter using the Ticket to Ride: Europe base game and the following house rules. (We played twice; each game taking 20-30min.) The first player to complete 4 tickets wins! (...
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Advice on teaching Go to a kid

My recommendation is to: Introduce recording of the games. This would allow her to study her own games offline, and come back with questions. The habit of recording one's own games is a gift beyond ...
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Reef route movement rules

I contacted the publisher and got the official rule: "In concept, a small fish moving into a square occupied by a predatory fish means the small fish gets eaten." So, the small fishes can indeed ...
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Advice on teaching Go to a kid

N.B. The links to terms are for third parties, rather than the questioner, who as 7 kyu will already know them. Where she is now The best approach depends on the sort of person she is and what she ...
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What are some good games or techniques for helping kids learn to "lose gracefully"?

I once saw a good suggestion elsewhere on the web: in a one-on-one game, allow the kid to swap places with you at any point in the match. The original example was chess, but it would work with many ...
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What techniques should I use to teach my 5-year old to play chess?

The best training for playing chess is the game itself. But if you want to "dumb down" the game, then remove the two sets of knights. Those are the pieces with "special" moves that are relatively ...
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How to help kids to hold their cards in their hands ?

To help my 6-year-old daughter play Uno with the family, my 10-year-old son just grabbed a chip clip that you would use to hold a bag of potato chips and flipped it upside down. He showed my daughter ...
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