A card game inspired by period dramas like Downtown Abbey.

The publisher's description:


Lords and Ladies is a card game for 2 to 5 players where you control a turn of the 20th century noble family and their servants. Your goal is to raise your family’s status through careful marriages, hiring servants, having children all the while destroying your rival families through gossip, backstabbing and using your superior wit.


The goal of Lords and Ladies is to gain status points for your family. The first player to end a round with 18 status points wins the game.

Over the course of the game you build generations of a family by marrying off lords and ladies to available suitors, hiring servants to give you additional status and powers, attempting to have children with your married lords and ladies and using gossip cards and servant powers to destroy your rival families’ reputations.

Additionally, you can earn status through three special awards cards in the game:Legacy, Gossip Queen and Full Service. These entail having the most number of generations in your family, spreading the most amount of gossip and hiring and maintaining the largest number of servants.