Mancala is an ancient 2-player game where players pick up stones from one of six spaces on their side of the board, then drop one piece in each space going forward, including onto their granary and then to their opponent's side of the board. The objective is to collect the most pieces in your granary.

Mancala is a name for a family of games. The common factors for mancala games are

  • A game board, divided in rows of pits. Usually there are two rows, as in Endodoi or Kalah. Also four-row mancala games exists, such as Tchouba. On one row, there can be 6, 12, 40, 50, or other number of pits. Smallest mancala boards are 2x6 pits, and the largest boards can be up to 4x40 or 2x50 pits.
  • Seeds/stones are sown into the pits, and collected from them.
  • The goal is to make more seeds/stones than the opponent

The most well know mancala games are Oware/Awale, Congkak, Bao, Kalah and Toguz Kumalak.