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If you're interested in drafting old sets on XMage this Discord server might interest you: They are the XMage Draft Historical Society and they run multiple drafts every week of old Magic sets.


Turn 2, 6 cards!! As is often the case, the final improvement came from an angle one would never expect (which is why this merits its own answer). Infinite thanks to reddit users ava-fans and MoshiMaro in this thread for giving me the pieces to find this! Play a Mountain and cast Skirk Prospector. Play Phyrexian Tower. Cast Ornithopter and sacrifice it to ...


Turn 3, 5 cards! Begin the game with Leyline of Abundance in play. Play a Forest and cast Llanowar Elves. Cast Sanctum Weaver. Tap all permanents for G+GG+WWG. Enchant Sanctum Weaver with Gauntlets of Light. Untap it. It now taps for WWWG. Turn 3, 6 cards! I have saved a card in the turn 3 deterministic category!! Play Blooming Marsh and cast Llanowar ...


This link will bring you to the list of sets on MTG Wiki. You can click on the table headers to sort by name, expansion code, or release date.

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