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Ulalek copying countered spell

Yes. After casting Ulamog with Ulalek in play, the stack will most likely1 look like this: Ulalek Trigger Ulamog Trigger Ulamog If an opponent casts some kind of counterspell at this point, it will ...
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Ulalek copying countered spell

Yes. When you cast Ulamog, Ulamog and Ulalek's triggers both go on the stack. Since you control both triggers, you can choose what order they go on. If you put Ulamog's on first, then when Ulalek's ...
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Sarkhan, Soul Aflame Becoming a dragon that entered

No. Sarkhan does not have the crucial piece of text "and it has this ability" (see Lazav, the Multifarious). This means that it can only use the ability once per turn. Therefore, it cannot ...
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