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Is there a standard notation for poker games?

Yes there is a standard for notating poker games, though it's not so widely used. One of the reasons for this is doing it as a player in game is cheating, writing down the cards that have come out ...
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How to name Checkers moves

As only 32 possible play squares are available in Checkers the standard form of notation simply assigns each square a number, then records the start and end place for the move. By convention the ...
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How does this Example Endgame work in Scrabble? Playing Out Scenario

Playing OTIC blocks both OW and WAG. OTIC starting at H3 will put the 'C' on H6, blocking the opponent from playing W on I6.
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Is there a standard notation for poker games?

Yes, there's a notation used in all discussions and software poker related. Face value of the cards: 2-9, T, J, Q, K, A Suits of the cards: s, h, d, c So King of spades is Ks, 5 of clubs is 5c etc. ...
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Why are bridge games seemingly documented only by the hands and bidding?

People have answered about the Duke of Cumberland hand you found as an example (and if you looked up Fleming's text, you would find a complete play. I just confirmed with my copy). In general, it's a ...
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Backgammon move notation - Is there an official, rigorous specification?

Paul Magriel's notation system originally appeared in his 1976 book Backgammon, and is mostly just a codification of notations systems that existed at the time. This could be considered the "official" ...
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