Pokémon Trading Card Game is a two-player trading card game based on the popular franchise. Players select Pokémon, who have various types and abilities, and try to defeat the opponent's Pokémon. Trainer cards provide various supporting and disrupting effects. Energy cards are this game's resource system and are needed to use a Pokémon's attacks. Cards in play are always face-up.


Pokémon Trading Card Game, named Pokémon Card Game in Japan, is a trading card game created by Media Factory in Japan in 1996 and distributed initially by Wizards of the Coast overseas in 1999, currently being distributed by The Pokémon Company International (TPCi). It is based directly on Pokémon, and meant to be a simulation of a battle between two Pokémon trainers. The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent's Pokémon, and victory is achieved when all of your opponent's Pokémon have been defeated or when you draw all of your "prize" cards.