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Why is this NOT a winning hand

The problem is that you were in furiten. As this guide explains, a player may not win from furiten by calling ron (i.e. taking another player's discard), and a player ends up in furiten when: They ...
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Why to use Kuikae rule in Riichi Mahjong?

Kuikae prevents the following: People calling for a cheap defense against an opponent's riichi. If they have discarded a 6 and you have 789 in your hand, without kuikae, you can call the 6 to discard ...
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Riichi Mahjong on PS4 Game "Judgement"

The yaku in the shown hand is Kuitan, not Tanyao. Tanyao (All Simples) is a standard Yaku, but it applies to closed hands, which that pictured hand is not due to the two claimed discards. There are ...
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What is preventing a win here

You hand has a proper form, but it's missing a yaku, so it has no value to win with. You need at least one yaku to win with a hand. Here are what are counted as yakus in Yakuza games. Basically, that ...
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What is a "dead hand"?

What I call a dead hand is one where there is no possibility of winning. The case I’m thinking of is a hand that was complete except it was missing one pair. All four of the needed tiles were out. ...
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Why couldn't I win in this situation with ron?

In order to win with ron or tsumo, your hand needs to have a yaku, in addition to having four sets and a pair (except for 7 pairs and 13 orphans hands). You can think of yaku as a specific pattern in ...
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Does a concealed Kan interrupt the game flow?

As the question refers to game flow, the short answer is yes. {OP MainQ} The long answer is that calling a kan (closed or not) does three things: First, It will break time-sensitive bonuses: any ...
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Common Mahjong wait patterns

Update January 2023: There is a Mahjong Waits Infographic which shows common patterns: Links: PNG | PDF | Author's post (Reddit) Original answer As an additional resource, I created a tool for ...
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