Riichi Mahjong is a kind of Mahjong commonly played in Japan. It is famous for being suited to gambling and mahjong parlors.

Rīchi mahjong is the Japanese variant of the "set-building" game played with a standard set of tiles. While tiles are the primary medium, the game is available as online web services (net mahjong) or can be played with regular mahjong playing cards. It's a four player game that combines calculation and strategies that is found in competitive games like chess with the elements of observation skills, risk assessment, and luck.

While Rīchi mahjong shares many general principles with the other mahjong variants, it has very distinct rule variations, especially with scoring. It is the objective of each player to develop their hands to accumulate more points than any of the opponents. In combination with yaku and dora, the number of han and fu correlates to a specific number of points to determine the value of a hand, in the event of winning a hand.

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