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What does hut wording mean?

The hut owner only draws if none of the players sold a good. So the rules say the following: [The hut owner draws] if no good was sold by any player during this phase. The check uses the passive ...
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What does hut wording mean?

The French-language version of the rules address this problem. In the French version, as of 2018, the card game is named Puerto Rico, like the board game French version of the rule concerning the ...
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What's different in San Juan's second edition?

Artwork and the following. The Prefecture now costs 4 instead of 3. With the Goldmine, you now get to keep the cheapest card instead of any card. With the Guildhall, you get 1 point per production ...
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Is the Library strong in San Juan?

The Library is much weaker than they say. Its value decreases sharply after the early game, and it has little value unless your cards are builder-centric (Smithy or Quarry+Carpenter) or prospector-...
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How to find online players for San Juan?

You could consider joining BrettSpielWelt. You may still play on your iDevice, even though it will be through the browser and not the San Juan app. The user interface takes ...
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