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It is the number of each denomination of power card in the deck. This is the same as the table in the rules on page 22.


No, you would not gain the benefit the same turn you enlist it. Jamey Stegmaier, Scythe designer, answered this question in a thread on boardgamegeek The costs and benefits for the player mat are those that are visible before you take the action, so you would not gain the ongoing recruit bonus from the enlist action until your next enlistment.


According to SUBMERGE: Your character and mechs may move to and from lakes and move from any lake to another (similar to tunnel movement, but with lakes). If a mech moves workers onto a lake or if a character or mech moves resources onto a lake, you may not leave those workers or resources on the ...


You may always look at the power cards in your own hand and see their content and values. The content is only kept secret from other players. Other players only know how many combat cards you have in your hand. From the rules page 7, up in the top right: COMBAT CARDS: Draw the indicated number of combat cards. The number of combat cards you have is ...


The parenthesis disambiguates the phrase before it. "In a row" has its natural meaning, which is further clarified to be "any continuous straight line" (of hexes). A contiguous grouping is not the same thing.


No. The worker cannot leave a territory controlled by an enemy Mech. The rulebook says: If your character or mech move into a territory controlled by an opponent’s character and/or mechs, its movement ends (even if you have a mech ability that would allow it to move further). The opponent still temporarily controls that territory. After you’ve completed all ...


There are two different things in Scythe which are related here, Mines and Tunnels. Mines are buildings you can build, they look like this: And here's how they work, from the rulebook: The Mine acts as a tunnel that only you can use. You may move units to and from your Mine as if it is a tunnel (even if an opponent controls the territory the Mine is on). ...


The / means "or". You may move up to two units or you may take the amount of coins on your play mat.


Yes, in Scythe every move order can result in a combat and encounters: it's clearly stated in the manual, by the fact that there is no text at all saying that the move from the factory must be considered different from any other move. The rules also suggest that, in order to improve game flow, that as a player is taking their bottom row action, the next ...


Moving into an area occupied by a worker, it counts as an attack. From the rules: If you ever attack a player who has your faction’s Alliance token or force their workers off a territory, you must flip over the [alliance] token you have.


It's really simple, actually: The rules say Randomly shuffle the the Faction Mats and Player Mats Do they say "shuffle a number of mats equal to the number of players, starting with the lowest ranked mat"? No, they don't. If they wanted you to do it so, it would have been written there. You bought the game. It's your property. Think it would be better ...


Yes, any movement may cause combat, including from factory cards. Regarding the simultaneous actions, Jamey Stegmaier (Scythe designer) answered a similar question on about how simultaneous actions should work with the double movement from Factory cards. As part of his answer, he clarified: When another player is using a Factory card for their action, ...

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