Yes they will stay on the board because the spirit power overrides the rule that prevents them from being removed while in decline. The White Ladies are unlikely to have a lot of territory as other players are likely to target them strongly before you have a chance to put them in decline. https://www.ultraboardgames.com/smallworld/special-powers.php When ...


From the combined almanac on BGG: Ice Witches by Andrew Capel A SPIDER’S WEB Race Tokens: 5 (10 Max) Power: Ice Witches collect 1 Winter marker for each Magic Souce (or Mystic Crystal Region) they control at the end of their Redeployment phase. At the end of their Redeployment phase, Ice Witches may place their Winter markers in their own Regions or any ...


Yes, the Lair is lost, for the reason you say. It has none of your race counters, so it has been abandoned. See also: removing declined Lairs when another race goes into decline. (Same reason: the lair gets abandoned)

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